Great Service Fast turnaround times and a dedicated Manager, means we will do the work and ensure you receive the best outcome.
Vast Solutions We believe in partnering with you to provide the best possible solution through all of our amazing products and services to meet your financial and lifestyle needs.
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Select Player Management is an ethical agency representing and abiding by all legalisations and rules set. We pride ourselves in being passionate and committed and will demonstrate this through our clients, partners and community.

Today clients require their managers to provide guidance, support, advise, training and education to assist in their career and beyond. Select Player Management will address needs for our clients and ensure strong relationships are built.

We offer our clients a manager who is a partner, who is going to work for them and with them to have the essentials in their lives. We offer uniquely premium services in our business model and ensure our clients and partners are in the forefront in all our ethical dealings. Our commitment, expertise and ability will translate into confidence for our client and a starting point towards developing long-term relationships and trust.

Select Player Management wide range of solutions to assist you with our client’s personal and financial and personal needs. We are able to offer clients a wide range of services and products.
Player and Talent Management Social skills, public speaking & etiquette advise
Contract negotiation and renegotiation Professional guidance, direction and support
Endorsements and Sponsorship Uphold Code of Ethics
Investment, Business and finance advise Personal Appearances
Legal Services Personal Assistant Services
Career Planning and Transition Media training and Representation
Education, Learning and Development Marketing and Merchandise